You've got a product that's about to hit the shelves but there's a catch. You're sharing the spotlight with other contenders vying for attention. Don’t worry, we've got your back in this competitive retail battle. Our secret weapon? Captivating the salespeople who hold the key to success. We'll make sure they fully back your products and recommend them to your customers.


We work with you to catapult your brand to the forefront of the market.


We're proud to have worked with consumer electronic brands such as Made by Google, Airthings and HMD, to help launch the latest and greatest tech products. From in-store training and large scale events, to virtual lunch and learns, eLearning modules, videos, cheat sheets and demo guides, we craft the right package to build knowledge and advocacy across both retail and call centre staff, all of which can be localised into multiple languages.


Our ambassador programs engage and enthuse retail sales reps and contact centre agents to not only learn more about your product, but to love and represent your brand directly to the customer. We can roll this out end-to-end including the platform design, recruitment, content, community management, events and even some swag.


Need a back-to-school sales boost? Or some competitive holiday festivities? You can rely on us to keep the excitement alive for your brand and products all year round with a seasonal sales enablement campaign. We can include program design, training activities, competitions, communications, logistics and delivery, both online or in-store.


Contact centres offer a critical, yet often overlooked channel for retail sales. Whether it's deploying our trainers on an in-person training roadshow, or designing digital training programs at scale, we know what it takes to upskill call centre agents to sell a new product, troubleshoot technical issues and enhance overall customer satisfaction.


Brand advocacy

We create playful training experiences with serious results. With a wide range of digital and face-to-face training formats available to suit your needs, we know how to ignite salespeople's passion for your brand.

Boosted sales

We enable your sales force to sell your products, no matter how complex they may be, or how frequently they're updated. We break down the comprehensive product knowledge they need into simple, intuitive and memorable learning moments they can share directly with the customer.

Stand out comms

Our teams knows the ins and outs of digital channels in detail. We ensure your communications are effective, impactful, and stand out from the digital noise.

Delivered on schedule

We're here to assist you with any task or project you throw our way. Consider us an extension of your team — project managers, instructional designers, copywriters, expert trainers, digital specialists, animators and artists — working tirelessly behind the scenes so you can shine.


We're product experts

When we say we’re product experts, we really mean it. Our clients tell us we understand their products better than their own product and sales teams. We are passionate about electronics and will research your products in great depth — YouTube, vlogs, articles, podcasts — you name it, we'll have read, watched, listened to, discussed and memorised it.

We're focused

We believe in the power of close collaboration. To truly understand the unique challenges you face and the behaviour change you'd like to see, we work closely with you every step of the way — from discovery all the way through to evaluation, iteration and improvement.

We have a global reach

With presence in the US, APAC and EMEA, we work with and understand the local market needs of companies from every corner of the globe. We (literally) work around the clock.


Ready to change the way you train for the better? Our expert consultants are on hand to help you begin your journey.