CES 2024 highlights

The world’s biggest tech show was back in Las Vegas this year, showcasing the latest in consumer electronics: From digital health to food tech, automotive tech, gaming, smart home and more. Quadmark’s Head of Training Services, Callum Lundie went along to check out some of our training content in action and see what’s in store for tech in 2024.

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The latest tech for 2024

CES is known to be the biggest training event in tech, with just under 120,000 attending this year. How did this year’s show compare to CES from years passed?

It felt busy, but not quite as busy as pre-Covid (CES 2020 had 171k attendees) but the numbers are building back up and it felt very exciting to be back in Las Vegas.

Now unsurprisingly, AI dominated the show, but what were the biggest standouts for you?

AI was huge, and most of the biggest brands were talking about how AI integrates into their products, however I was glad to also see a lot of smart home tech at the show. From new types of lighting, sensors, energy generation and kitchen appliances, all the way to…transparent TVs.
Transportation also featured massively, from a flying car (🤯), to premium boats, to E-bikes, to the latest and greatest from the world’s biggest car manufacturers. We’re talking integrated AI DJs and chatbots.

It’s clear *ahem flying car* that the tech space is developing rapidly, so with that in mind, were there any small nuggets of innovation you could see snowballing in the not-too-distant future?

Matter was the big thing at last year’s CES but it was still very relevant at 2024’s show. One of the great things to see was collaboration and adoption from multiple brands to build the best products that can integrate with other brands to allow users to build out an ecosystem of products that work seamlessly together. AI was the big thing at CES 2024 but for some brands, it felt like they were still figuring out what their AI story is.

"One of the great things to see was collaboration and adoption from multiple brands to build the best products."

Callum Lundie, Head of Training Services, January 2023

Trainers and event attendees gather around the Made by Google product stand to see Quadmark's training content in action

Training trends

What was the most innovative and impactful trend in training you saw that you’d be keen to start using yourself?

There were some fantastic booths at CES this year, with really innovative ways of showcasing products. Google put on a great display showing how their products can make doing the things you already do, even easier with the integration of AI. This was showcased by well-trained and knowledgeable product specialists. As always, hands-on training resonates well and being able to guide the end user through how a product works, with them asking the experts questions there and then is always a successful formula. There were some great innovative ways to improve the overall event experience that I saw and will be adopting into how we run events – using new tech to measure how many visitors a booth has, to making sure your voice is heard, over and above the ambient noise.

Finally, and I’m sure there are many, but what was your personal highlight from CES 2024?

The highlight for me was seeing our hard work come to life on the Google/Android stand, meeting with our clients, bumping into familiar faces and making connections with lots of new people. It really is a highlight of the year for me, and I already can’t wait to return!


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