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Let’s talk kindness: empower productivity in remote teams

Nov 7, 2020 | read | by Quadmark HR and Events

Our Quadmark Kindness Programme was delivered in May of this year during the UK “Mental Health Awareness Week” and in the middle of a pandemic that continues to this day. This change has blown us all away — driving us to focus on our health and how to go about life and work within this “new normal.”1

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At Quadmark, like many businesses, the first impact of COVID-19 was a shift to our teams working from home. Focusing on empowering our teams, enabling productivity and supporting their wellbeing while working remotely became a top priority. As part of our focus we designed a Kindness Programme where we provided our global team with key information, techniques, and sessions to encourage conversation and awareness about wellness and mental health. When asked if the programme had any positive reinforcements — a whopping “90% felt that it created additional focus and conversation”.

In this post, we’ll share the positive effects of being kind, how it may add value to your company, and five ideas to enable the productivity and wellbeing of your team.

What happened during the Kindness Programme

Over a two week period from the 18th-29th of May 2020, we organized our first virtual wellness initiative—the Quadmark Kindness Programme, where each day of the week was dedicated to a theme.


This was built on the foundation of four main pillars and applied through different digital concepts, virtual events, and online activities practiced both online and offline. By means of kindness, we were able to perceive a positive change happening in our teams.

The “aligned to kindness” pillars serve as a constant reminder to:

  • Be kind to our body by taking care of our outer self and learning how to improve, maintain, and accept our body. For example, breathing exercises, cooking classes, and yoga practices.
  • Be kind to our mind by keeping it sharp so we can be gracious when faced with adversity and resilient against fatigue or stress, such as mindfulness tricks and book suggestions.
  • Be kind with our time when structuring our calendars and clocks to not burn ourselves out and fizzle up from being overworked, or taking on more than we can chew. This could look like taking the time to organize yourself, your work, and your life.
  • Be kind to others, a key principle to treating others as you’d like to be treated by exercising powerful soft skills of empathy and acceptance. For example, we introduced our client kindness corner, which is a great way to involve your wider community to let them know you appreciate them — and them, you.


Kindness begets kindness
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What you should do now

Sometimes, we’re unaware of the potential we can unlock with a simple act of kindness. So we’ll share with you 5 ways to support your worldwide teams with a dose of kindness:

1. Kindness cards to boost morale.
Thoughtfully written emails can go a long way, especially if it’s the first thing your employees see in their inbox as they start the working day. Go the extra mile by including tips that align with each day’s theme: Mindful Monday, Talking Tuesday, Wellbeing Wednesday, Thoughtful Thursday, and Feel Good Friday.

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2. Daily Doses to stimulate the mind and body.
What are Daily Doses? These are short, fun sessions that excite and revitalize the mind and body. Some ideas you can take on are:

  • Cooking sessions with a Michelin Star chef
  • Lift your spirits with crafting
  • Boost your life with Botany
  • Spark inspiration with Life Drawing

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3. Masterclasses to learn new techniques.
This allows your team to learn skills that help improve employee daily life, attitudes towards others, and your team's day-to-day work. Construct some powerfully kind online classes such as:

  • Productivity Mastered
  • Resilience Redefined
  • Self Kindness
  • Mindfulness and Movement
  • Breath Means Business

4. Step-count challenge for charity.
This involves participation every single day from teams and clients to virtually “walk” from the office space to a far off pinpoint and add them to a totalizer to reach your walking target goals and vitalize their bodies. This is a great way to involve your wider community and explain a little more about spreading a positive and kind message to all!

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5. Plant pals for community spirit.
Sending your employees a desk plant promotes an inclusive company culture and makes staff feel cared for and unified with this fun shared project. It will brighten their work space and you can keep each other up to date with your plant’s progress!

Being kind is a big hit!
When asked if any of our teams felt inspired to continue to invest in themselves and support one another, an astounding “88% felt more empowered after the programme.” That’s a huge win in our books. This unique opportunity will give you powerful insights, a few ideas about how to be kind to your body, mind, community and yourself, and how you can apply it on a global team scale. This will prove that kindness prevails, and can help people take care of themselves and others in a more compassionate and generous way.

At Quadmark, we are aware of the importance of kindness and the positive impact this has had on our team, especially with feedback like this from our participants: “Being kind to yourself is just like being kind to others. When you see a friend or colleague in need, it's natural to offer a helping hand or a kind word. Do the same with yourself too.”

Learn more about how you can apply kindness on a global scale. Get in touch to see how we can help you.

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