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Our Bright Network article on Culture at Quadmark

Companies are always quick to explain why you should join. But we thought we’d take a look at why people choose to stay. In light of our inaugural Graduate Scheme, we asked some of our Quadmarkers to reflect on our culture, DEI and ways of working. Read on to find out what they had to say. 

We value our people’s opinions  

As part of our commitment to nurturing and developing our teams, we take our people’s opinions seriously. We recently invited Quadmarkers to take part in a brand survey, in order to gain insight into how our people experience our culture and what they think of our current brand. The survey responses were overwhelmingly positive, with themes such as “collaborative”, “supportive”, “people-centric” and “inclusive” common among respondents. Some responses gave us pause for thought, challenging us to think about how to better communicate our culture to external audiences and unify our brand messaging. 

As we continue to evolve, we want to make sure that the brand we’re building is in line with the company that our employees know and love. After all, our people are our power. Knowing how they feel about our internal initiatives, policies and processes is crucial to ensure everyone’s voice is heard and, most of all, reflected in the DNA of our organisation. 


We welcome change 

Our business is always evolving. From shifting our business processes to better address the needs of our clients, embracing remote work long before it was fashionable to do so, designing accessible eLearning solutions in a time where in-person training was the standard, or creating spaces to celebrate and honour the stories, events, and causes that are important to our team members — we see growth as integral to our identity as a creative training agency. Company culture and processes can (and really should) change due to important events, societal shifts, and other natural results of growth and evolution. 

In the same vein, we continue to take steps that make our culture more open and inclusive for all. This is, in part, why we’ve chosen to partner with Bright Network for our first Graduate Scheme. We want to reach and attract young people from diverse backgrounds, who will bring fresh perspectives and new ideas to help us on our company journey. DEI has also been a core learning and development focus for the last few years, and we recognise that we still have work to do. Here's what one Quadmarker had to say about their experience: 

I consider myself a pretty inclusive person, but through Quadmark’s DEI programmes I’ve learnt even more about what it takes to make a company like ours, and the world in general, a thriving and safe place for all. There are always places for improvement and Quadmark continues to make strides, which instils in me even more pride in my employer.” 

We prioritise connections 

Our people make Quadmark, well, Quadmark. Encouraging a connection among team members by organising formal and informal chat groups, company offsites, community groups and initiatives (like wellbeing walks or virtual ‘coffee and doughnut’ chats), is at the forefront of our company ethos. So is Quadmark a place where people feel supported? A company that people are proud to be a part of? 

“Just an awesome working environment on many levels — It's a strange one as we mostly all work remotely, but I've never had such a strong social and fun working environment with any organisation before.”


When Quadmarkers leave, they take the next step in their career with our full support. We hope that they leave with fond memories, new skills and not just a professional network, but with lasting friendships. Many ex-Quadmarkers continue to stay in touch and even work with us as a client or collaborator, and we have a healthy number of ‘boomerangers’ — those who return to a new role with fresh experiences and skills. Leaving Quadmark is often more ‘au revoir’ than goodbye.  

The reasons Quadmarkers choose to stay or return are varied. In our experience, the ‘magical something’ Quadmark brings to the table is most apparent in our team members themselves. Their honest feedback and passion for what they do make Quadmark what it is, and continue to help us develop and grow. 

“The culture is relaxed but very busy. Everyone works hard, but no one is too busy to help someone in need. I've never once had the 'Sunday night fear' since working for Quadmark.”

Which, in a nutshell, is what makes Quadmark so special and unique. 

Are you keen to join the Quadmark team? Find out more about our 2022 Graduate Scheme, on our Bright Network page.

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